"Music from the heart and soul of man to touch the hearts and souls of mankind"

- Peter Anderson

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Traditional Country Music From Sunnyvale, CA

Soothing Music Sung from the Heart

Discover the laid back and uplifting music of Peter Anderson. With roots in rock-and-roll and southern themes, he creates traditional country music in Sunnyvale, CA that reflect his personal journey through life and the events, joys, and struggles he has experienced. His new album, "Just in Time," features ten songs, all lovingly crafted to represent the songwriter's positive and fun outlook on life. He has always enjoyed spreading the stories told in his music, and he can't wait to share them with you.

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Discover the relaxing music of Peter Anderson.
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Soothing music as it should be played.
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Peter Anderson’s music is a heartfelt tribute to the styles he heard while growing up in Alabama, and his songs imbue traditional country and rock forms with his unique, unforgettable voice. These songs sound at once classic and timeless, and they speak to audiences from a place of sincerity and goodwill. For positive music that leaves you feeling good, order his album today. With his acoustic guitar and singer-songwriter sensibility, Peter conjures a sound that feels at once universal yet authentically American.

Honest, down-to-earth music seems increasingly rare these days. If you want songs that never lose touch with what’s real and what matters, Peter’s album is the right choice for you. Simple yet elegant, this is music that comes from the heart. The vernacular lyricism, country chord progressions, and familiar rock rhythms combine to a music that transports you to a warm, comfortable place that never feels like anything less than genuine.

“Just in Time,” Peter’s album, collects ten of his signature songs. These fan favorites include country, rock, and pop songs that are sure to delight and soothe music fans everywhere. Music lovers who appreciate straightforward, acoustic ballads with a country flair are sure to enjoy these one-of-a-kind songs.

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Peter Anderson creates uplifting music in Sunnyvale, California, and ships his CDs to listeners worldwide.

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